I will create a search engine friendly press release for you for $5

[Here's a gig video we did for Fiverr seller ricoramiro. -- Ed.]

ricoramiro creates a press release for you with the proper SEO formatting.

I will write a blog post about your business for $5

[Here's a gig video we did for Fiverr seller jacquelynrose. We added the brief promo at the end. -- Ed.]

Jackie says:

Savvy blogger, I will write a paragraph or two about your business with picture and keywords on my wordpress privately hosted blog http://www.jackiesramblings.com/ . Average 15 unique visitors a day, 50 hits a day….most traffic on Monday (I mostly do my writing on the weekends) . Had my IHOP Chicken and Waffles review hit #1 on GOOGLE

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