angeltheartist meets Fifi the pink website fairy

angeltheartist meets Fifi the pink website fairy

When our jaded adult eyes first fell on this gig, it seemed a bit like Pippi Longstockings on acid. It must have been the wig, because the smile is serene.

What is there to say on the subject of fairies? Tall, short, plump, slender, redhead, blonde or brunette, they come in every shape, size and color imaginable. One feature, though, is a constant: the magic wand.

Fifi the Pink Fairy wields her star-tipped scepter in the service of the greater good, bringing joy and wonder — and those high-wattage pink braids — to bear on the problems that face everyday people like you and me. Such as, for instance, promoting your website.

When the day is done and a weary fairy returns to her California abode to refill on pixie dust, she pauses for a moment to reflect on her cross-country odyssey.

“I was born and raised in New York City. I started drawing when I was just 12 years old, born with a passion to draw everything. I am a sketch artist, and have been drawing people in fairs, block parties, parks and birthdays for 4 years now. Moving to California made me believe in changing myself and trying new things, so I decided to dress up a fairy for Halloween. I walked around my local mall and children just started running to me and hugging me thinking I was a real fairy. So I said to myself, why don’t I sketch and be a fairy at the same time? Kids began to love my sketches even more.

“Whenever a little boy or girl gets a sketch from me now I tap my magic wand on their heads and say `Count to three and close your eyes, and all your wishes will come true.’ Making little children laugh and seeing them believe in something so amazing makes my day.”

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